Annual, Day One: Homecoming

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My first day in Washington for the ALA Annual Conference. I was born in this city and have so far not been reminded why I wanted so badly to leave. It’s nice when the nostalgia lingers. D.C. is a great city, but it can also be hard to live in a place where the barometer changes substantially every 4–8 years. I grew up in the burbs, but I still miss things about this place—the culture, serious politics, and some of the people. I miss the Washington Post.

As I write this, I am actually squatting on the exhibit hall floor—it’s amazing what a smile and a press pass will get you into. Of course, the exhibits don’t open until Saturday, so I am just enjoying watching things get set up. It’s all carpets, electrical power, and trash cans at this point. No candy, contests, and freebies. No business cards, smiles, and awkward eye-shifting to badges as names and place of origin are trying to be recalled or discovered.

I’m going to have a busy conference, so I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog. If there’s any big news, I’ll try to get it up here as soon as I can. I’ve already heard a rumor or two, but I will try to be more journalist than blogger, and wait for the official press releases.

Big thumbs up on the wireless at the conference. Happy 100th birthdayAmerican Libraries, and cool T-shirt.


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