Reporting from Sheffield

Posted On Mar 20 2008 by

n my previous life, I was infrequently lucky enough to have a speaking gig or work meeting that took me someplace new and exciting.  Now, I’ve made my first trip to Sheffield, UK, where OCLC has an office, and it’s been fantastic.  Though the scenery and terrain is different (read more interesting), the weather has been a lot like Columbus in March…cold and cloudy, cold and sunny, cold and rainy, cold and snowy, in somewhat quick succession.

I’ve also had a fair number of cultural lessons.  I know now that one should not suggest “tabling” a topic in a meeting because over here that means you want to talk about it.  I figure out the money, that was pretty easy, except the dollar is in a declined position at the moment.

I’ve also had a fantastic time getting to know some of my European colleagues better.  I’ve been busy enough not to meet as many people as I might have liked, but it’s been a productive week despite the long travel back and forth.  It’s been a great week but I am also anxious to get home.

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