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MetaBlog calls itself the blog of blogs, but since I am a librarian, I will refer to metablog as a blog about blogs. I’ve come across two new ones from colleagues whom I respect and admire and since they might not be known to the library world, I thought they were worth pointing out.

Abe Lederman, founder of Deep Web Technologies, has launched Federated Search Blog.  Sol Lederman (Abe’s brother, who has held various positions at DWT) will be doing most of the posting.  This is the kind of blog that I wished had existed a couple of years ago when I was working on the NISO Metasearch Inititive.  The blog also includes information on various vendors in the federated search space.

Daniel Tunkelang is chief scientist and co-founder of Endeca, a company with which I have obvious familiarity.  Daniel has launched The Noisy Channel to “explore the implications of asserting that the main goal of information access is to optimize communication across the noisy channel of human-computer interaction.”  That is a noisy channel, isn’t it?

Good luck, Abe, Sol, and Daniel, I look forward to reading and hope others do as well.

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