I Gave Up Blogging for Lent

Posted On Mar 13 2009 by

No, not really.  A recent comment to an old post made me realize (as I have for weeks) that I have nothing but old posts on which people can comment.  Sigh.

As it often is, travel is my latest excuse.  This quarter I have been to Denver, the UK, Seattle, Lawrence (KS), and as I write this I am sitting in the airport on my way to Chicago.  Next up: Munich, Indiana, and Boston.  Fine trips all of them, and I have a list of blog topics as long as my arm, but exhaustion never sets in as heavily as it does after a long trip and a glance over at the closed up laptop.
So I will try to revel in the time that I have had to actually do some hard work and connect with OCLC colleagues around the world and library colleagues around the States.  I must revel in the briefer moments I have had with my family in the last couple of months.
So maybe I could have gotten away with a secular Lenten excuse…giving up something I like and (used to) do frequently for more thoughtful reflection.  That long list of topics just has to wait for the rebirth that comes with Spring.
I hope that you good readers will forgive another metablog (blogging about blogging).  I will get back to business soon.

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