Hectic Shame

Posted On Dec 21 2009 by

Shame has always been a good motivator for me.  My colleagues remind me of the dry spell that is my blog.  I’ve barely kept up on Twitter and FaceBook. If you’re waiting for a LinkedIn respsonse, my apologies. But the best shaming came last night when my 11-year-old daughter, Emma pointed out that a quick glance at my blog indicated that I had not written anything new in months.  Of course, she said it with a tone that also indicated that my blog posts were somehow akin to an LP collection, as in “how quaint that you still try to keep it going.”

So shame is my motivator, not only to get the blog going again, but to prove to my digitally born child that the medium is still worthwhile.
It’s almost time for my annual holiday post, so look for that in a couple of days…and my New Year”s resolution will be to use this forum to update folks on the initiatives that have kept me too busy to write about them.

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Written by Andrew K. Pace