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Posted On Jul 28 2006 by

A colleague of mine likes to joke about something he calls “MetaMeetings” …meetings about meetings. Organizations (especially academic ones, it seems) like to have those. So I was wondering what a blog post about meta stuff should be called. There are many meta things happening out there. EBSCO has announced that eight new publishers have added journal content to MetaPress, their electronic content management and hosting service. This got me thinking about institutional repositories, a topic I have been able to mostly avoid (beyond hating that horrible name). When I have turned my attention to it, I am always surprised …

Ex Libris Acquired

Posted On Jul 26 2006 by

It might not be the “continued consolidation” of the ILS market that has been predicted by many, including me, but it’s clearly a step in that direction. Ex Libris Group announced early this morning (not quite as early in Jerusalem, where the company is headquartered) that it will be acquired by Francisco Partners, “one of the world’s largest technology-focused private equity funds.” The definitive agreement calls for the acquisition of 100% of the company’s shares. “Financially strong and with consistently strong growth, Ex Libris is well positioned to make strategic acquisitions and to expand into new geographical markets. We are delighted …

Hereby Resolved

Posted On Jul 18 2006 by

When you see a lot of library technology (or read a lot of press releases about library technology), you tend to get slightly jaded about the next great new thing. One of the phrases that makes me cringe (and I hear it nearly every day) is “Do you wanna see something cool?” Worse yet, if one is a so-called “trend-spotter,” then there is no time to linger on the day’s coolness before looking for new technological pastures to mow down. I think I have earned a reputation for lingering. Maybe it’’ my Type ‘A’ personality or twisted practicality, but I …