Artificial Unintelligence

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Five years ago, I wrote a book.  Originally titled “Strange Bedfellow,” this work on the relationships between libraries, vendors, and dot-com entities was re-titled The Ultimate Digital Library: Where the New Information Players Meet.  Some of the better parts of that book seemed so radical then and look entirely passe now.  It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since it came out, but where was I supposed to go from “Ultimate?”  The More Ultimate Digital Library?

I was actually looking to see if I could pick up some used copies since I have given all but one of mine away, when I was pleased to see that I had joined the ranks of Wikipedia, albeit in an unusual way.  My Wikipedia entry mentions my book, but apparently has me confused with a professor of artificial intelligence at U. Penn.  The cite for Dr. Pace’s book came from Google Book Search.  I could not help but note the irony that I have been mashed up in cyberspace by a combination of Wikipedia and Google.

Some of the more famous entries in WorldCat Identities have links out to Wikipedia.  It occurs to me now that Wikipedia could use some links in the other direction for us much less famous.

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  1. thanks for pointing out the correction…if you can’t keep up, at least you can redact. way to go.