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As you might imagine, I’ve been doing a lot of presentations about Web-scale lately…both the general concept and how it applies to the web-scale management services that my team is building for circulation and delivery, print and licensed acquisitions, and license and rights management.

Lots of people have been asking for copies of the presentation that I gave at ALA.  I used to always have problems sharing slides.  For one thing, the joke slides never work out of context; for another, I try very hard to avoid bulleted lists of things, also making context-less Powerpoint viewing difficult.  Now I can gladly say, “Let’s go to the video tape!”
ALA Web-scale presentation 2009
Powerpoint, slides, and video all in one.  Unlike movie directors, however, I find video of myself a bit hard to watch, so I hope the rest of you will enjoy it.  There’s a good Q&A session at the end that was actually my favorite part of the presentation.  The presentation covers not only the general web-scale strategy and cloud computing platform, but also more specifics about the Web-scale management services Library Advisory Council, pilot participants, component functionality, and development timelines.
There are a lot of other great conference presenatations and updates available on the OCLC Presentations site–a little something for everyone.

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