Unpent No More

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Hectic Pace is back.

As I considered blogging again, I was thinking about the phrase “pent up.” Bloggers, in general, but especially library bloggers, write in a way that makes me envision frustration spilling onto the page. I hear keyboards tapped with a force meant to annoy cubicle mates, heavy sighs like air venting from a vacuum seal in between each paragraph.

I used to be like that. I had a lot to say and my work schedule and word count limit were all that held me back. Then, quite suddenly, I stopped. Burned out. No more sacred texts to question. No more semi-original opinions. I was unpent.

But like a garage or basement or attic slowly filling up, I found myself storing away projects and half-baked ideas. Too lazy, too busy, too distracted by the brain candy of social media to bang on the keyboard anymore. It was my lovely wife, Sharon, my muse, who said, “You’re happiest when you’re writing. You need to start writing again!”

But the muscles had gone flabby. Steady diets of library leaders, serious thinkers, and library innovators had been replaced by Twitter, Facebook, and the Huffington Post. I’m on a new regimen now. I’m reading again. I’m thinking again. I’m writing again. I have more to say and more to contribute. I’m unpent no more.

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  1. Original, creative thought … Interesting concept. I wonder if that’s where all that stuff I Like, Share, and Tweet comes from?