Dewey the Decimal Maker

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(sung to the tune of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer)

You know Dana and Dempsey 
and Avram and Nutter.
S.R. and Putnam
and Berman and Cutter.
But do you recall
The most famous librarian of all?
Dewey the Decimal Maker
had a healthy love of tens.
He saw the scattered book shelves
through his metric decimal lens.
All of the other book worms
still liked keeping books on chains.
They knew a book’s location–
kept it locked up in their brains.
Then one fateful shelving day
a cataloger caught the bug
Dewey with your decimal scheme
1-3-5-point-3 is “why I dream.”
Now all librarians love him
for sorting a book, film, or kit.
Dewey the Decimal Maker
He can make the whole world fit.

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Written by Andrew K. Pace

2 responses to “Dewey the Decimal Maker

  1. good stuff, Andrew!

    that famous Dempsey you refer to is me, right?? :-,>

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