Sitting in the Reading Room All Day

Posted On Dec 17 2019 by
Reader's Guide Christmas Tree

(sung to the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”) [Click the YouTube link to listen while you sing along.] People shhhhhh, are you listening? In the stacks, laptops glistening The reading light’s bright The library’s right For sitting in the reading room all day. Gone away are the book stacks Here to stay, the only town’s fax. We share all our books Without judgy looks. Sitting in the reading room all day. In the lobby we could build a book tree. Readers Guide is green and they stack well. I’ll say ‘Do we have ’em?’ You’ll say, ‘Yeah man.’ …

It’s the Best Library Time of the Year

Posted On Dec 20 2018 by

(sung to the tune of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”)  Press play to sing along with the instrumental track! It’s the best library time of the year With no more children yelling And no one is telling you “get it in gear!” It’s the best library time of the year It’s the qui-quietest season at school Only smile-filled greetings and no more dull meetings Where bosses are cruel It’s the qui-quietest season at school There’ll be books for re-stocking Vendor end-of-year-hawking And overdue fine cash for beer Send the word out to pre-schools Drag queen visit …

Maybe It’s Books We Need

Posted On Dec 19 2017 by

[I figured this was a song in desperate need of some new lyrics. Sung to the tune of Baby It’s Cold Outside. You’re gonna want to grab a singing partner and use the instrumental track for this one!] (Listen to the track while you sing!) I really must binge (But maybe it’s books we need) You mustn’t infringe (It’s definitely books we need) This season has been (Reading will make you grin) So fun to watch (I’ll hold the remote, you hold my scotch) My Netflix queue scrolls forever (Mystery, poems, whichever) And Stranger Things won’t just watch itself (Grab …