Let ‘Em Read

Posted On Dec 20 2022 by

(sung to the tune of “Let it Snow”) [Click the YouTube link to listen while you sing along.] Oh, the protests out there are frightfulBut the books are so delightfulAnd since we know what we needLet ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read. Man, it doesn’t show signs of stoppingAnd I hate all that budget choppingI can’t look at one more screedLet ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read. The librarians will succeedSharing books for a world that’s diverseIf the kids only want to readWhat could be possibly worse? With earnestness quickly growingAnd the stupid freely flowingIt’s thinking-folk’s …

My Pre-Covid Things

Posted On Dec 21 2020 by

Authors note: these parodies are always about libraries and always based on Christmas songs, stories, or poems. 2020 being what it is, this year is an exception to both…that’s right, I’m siding with my family and admitting that My Favorite Things is not a Christmas song. (sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”) [Click the YouTube link to listen while you sing along.] Eating in restaurants and movies on big screensPeople who don’t doubt the virtue of vaccines.Inspiring leaders who don’t act like kings.These were a few of my pre-Covid things. Live music venues and in-person classes.No masks or …

Sitting in the Reading Room All Day

Posted On Dec 17 2019 by
Reader's Guide Christmas Tree

(sung to the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”) [Click the YouTube link to listen while you sing along.] People shhhhhh, are you listening? In the stacks, laptops glistening The reading light’s bright The library’s right For sitting in the reading room all day. Gone away are the book stacks Here to stay, the only town’s fax. We share all our books Without judgy looks. Sitting in the reading room all day. In the lobby we could build a book tree. Readers Guide is green and they stack well. I’ll say ‘Do we have ’em?’ You’ll say, ‘Yeah man.’ …