My Server Got Run Over by a Cloud App

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(to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, click here if you dare and need a refresher)
My server got run over by a cloud app
Quicken, Word, and CRMs all grieve
I’m lovin’ Google, Mint-dot-com, and Salesforce
Like Zuckerberg and cnet, I believe
It’s like software as a service
It’s second nature to the kids
Any metaphor will work here
Clouds, architecture, rent, or power grids
I read ebooks on my handheld
And I can bank while in the loo
All my data’s on the network
At home, at work, in church, or Timbuktu
My server got run over by a cloud app
My OS runs from southern Tel Aviv
You can say that SLA is bogus
But as for me and Balmer, we believe
Now we’re all so proud of IT
They’ve been taking it so well
See them in there smashing servers
Damning all those years of upgrades straight to hell
Can it be email without Outlook?
There’s so much space on box-dot-net
Can I be home without an H:\ drive?
Or should I trade my browser in for a diskette?
My server got run over by a cloud app
Upgrading to Gmail I perceive
that you may say there’s no such thing as web scale
But as for me and Larry, we believe
I don’t install any software
My CD-ROM drive’s filled with dust
I have 86 more logins
And an internet provider that I trust
I don’t need me no more hardware
In the cloud I’m cavalier
If all the power’s in the network
Why do I buy a new device each year?
My server got run over by a cloud app
Emoticons I wear upon my sleeve
The power of the network is our future
Just uninstall, log on, and then believe!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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Written by Andrew K. Pace