My Pre-Covid Things

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Authors note: these parodies are always about libraries and always based on Christmas songs, stories, or poems. 2020 being what it is, this year is an exception to both…that’s right, I’m siding with my family and admitting that My Favorite Things is not a Christmas song.

(sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

[Click the YouTube link to listen while you sing along.]

Eating in restaurants and movies on big screens
People who don’t doubt the virtue of vaccines.
Inspiring leaders who don’t act like kings.
These were a few of my pre-Covid things.

Live music venues and in-person classes.
No masks or face shields or foggy eyeglasses.
Face to face meetings with no camera lens
Getting together with all of my friends!

Parties and weddings with dancing and buffets
Handshakes and hugging and conference hotel stays.
Hand sanitizer in normal amounts.
Majority wins and no need for recounts!

No more Zooming.
No more Webex.
No more lonely frowns.
I simply look forward to regular things
A time like before shut-downs.

Pedicures, haircuts and flying on airplanes
Busses and subways, rush hour and packed trains.
Sportsball with spectators filling the stands.
But can we all keep on washing our hands?

Teachers in class and kids packed on the school bus.
Synchronous learning and students on campus.
Libraries open and packed all day long.
Browsing and reading or singing a song!

Judgment-less looks at my coughing or sneezing
Maskless encounters that aren’t so displeasing.
Six feet apart is still okay with me.
Longing for days when we gather carefree.

I can’t hear you.
Is your mic on?
Can you share your screen?
Let’s try to remember the pre-Rona times.
Let’s all stop Co-vid….nine-teen

You’re still muted.
We can’t hear you.
I can’t see your slide.
Let’s try to imagine our pre-Covid things.
All people are safe…world-wide.

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Written by Andrew K. Pace

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