Let ‘Em Read

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(sung to the tune of “Let it Snow”)

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Oh, the protests out there are frightful
But the books are so delightful
And since we know what we need
Let ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read.

Man, it doesn’t show signs of stopping
And I hate all that budget chopping
I can’t look at one more screed
Let ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read.

The librarians will succeed
Sharing books for a world that’s diverse
If the kids only want to read
What could be possibly worse?

With earnestness quickly growing
And the stupid freely flowing
It’s thinking-folk’s help we need
Let ’em read, let ’em read, and read.

No concern for our I.Q.’s dropping
And their challenges are eye-popping
Librarians scream and plead
Let ’em read, let ’em read, and read.

When we finally open doors
How they love coming in from the storm
But if you really want what’s yours
Stand firm and refuse to conform!

All the banned books we’ll be displaying
Freedom to Read is what I’m saying
So, if you love a mind that’s freed
Let ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read.
Let ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read.
Let ’em read, let ’em read, let ’em read.

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Written by Andrew K. Pace